Permanent Magnet Generators  




Permanent Magnet Generators

POTENCIA is a world pioneer in the design, engineering and manufacturing PMGs, starting the design and manufacture of 28 pole 5 kW direct driven wind generators in 1975, over 30 years ago.

POTENCIA is a world leader in the manufacturing of large PMGs for Wind Generators, presently manufacturing 20 MWs of generators per week.



660 Kw permanent magnet generators, which are small and light weight, are also made with the highest efficiencies at Potencia Industrial.


Generating electricity by moving a permanent magnet past a coil of wire is both the oldest power generation technology and today's best option for improved efficiency in converting renewable energies and fossil fuels to electricity.

This dichotomy is based in the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of the physics involved. New magnetic materials have greater power and heat resistance than previously thought possible. Improved computer modeling and 50 years of magnetic designs, has given us a better understanding of how to optimize electrical output, while the superior performance of new power electronics makes it easier than ever to put that energy to work efficiently such as variable speed technologies. POTENCIA has developed many designs for use with traditional ferrite magnets and with more powerful Neo magnets.

Conventional synchronous, induction, and wound rotor brush technology cannot come close in terms of size, weight and efficiency of a POTENCIA PMG.

In the endless hunt for better efficiency and higher power density, POTENCIA permanent magnet generators are the best option with over 50% lower losses and more than 2 times greater output for a given weight and volume.

Our continuing research and tests indicates that capturing the maximum potential is not an easy proposal. POTENCIA is one of very few companies with complete in-house design, manufacturing, and full testing capability for the electrical and mechanical generator as well as the power electronics hardware and software. Our experience of manufacturing industrial motors and generators for over 50 years ensures that our permanent magnet generators give outstanding performance in the field, and our 5 year warranty is the best in the industry, which reflects our experience and confidence in our quality of design and manufacture.

POTENCIA permanent magnet generators are suitable for use with wind turbines, hydro-electric turbines, wave-power generation, geothermal/steam turbines, gas turbines, and internal combustion engines, and are available in constant and variable speed with:
· output capacities from 10 kW to 10 MW
· voltages from low voltage 120 to high voltage13.8 kV
· all enclosures, including NEMA ODP, TEFC, TEAAC, & TEWAC, and all IEC air and liquid-cooled options.
· fully submersible enclosures
· rotational speeds from 10 RPM to 5000 rpm
· 2 to 400 poles
· 3 phase std, but also 1 to 6 phases

POTENCIA additionally has several important patents on PMGs, including self regulated PMGs.

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