Astronic UPS
Uninterruptible Power Supply



Astronic ®
Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS
Battery Free

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A rotary uninterruptible power source with inertial flywheel energy storage.

Safeguard connected loads against the costly consequences of downtime caused by electrical interruptions, as well as filtering all bad voltage and waveform variations in commercial power lines.

Astronic No Break systems are internationally competitive in price, quality and performance. The reliability of this Potencia Industrial technology has been substantiated since 1982 for many and various applications in commerce, industry, television, government, security, and education. Astronic No Break Systems are operating in Mexico, US, Central America and Asia.

Single unit capacity from 10 to 1,000 kVA. Greater capacities are achieved with interconnected units.

Astronic UPS Astronic UPS