Generadores Eoloel├ęctricos
Wind turbine industry generators



Potencia Industrial pioneered the first direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine in the industry with a 5 kW, 5 meter machine in 1975. Since then it has evolved as a mayor designer and supplier of generators for the wind turbine industry. From 5 kW in the 70┬┤s, POTENCIA moved on to designing and building 550 kW induction & 750 kW doubly-fed wound rotor generators for Zond & Enron in the 90's. More recently, it has developed the leading edge technology in Permanent Magnet Generators for multi-megawatt turbines for Clipper Windpower from 660 kW to 2600 kW. In 2008 we supplied over 2000 MW to the wind industry using the most advanced technology in the field.

Potencia custom-made generators can meet and exceed any specification. Some generator types manufactured are:

  • Induction
  • Wound Rotor
  • Salient Pole
  • Permanent Magnet

At Potencia Industrial we are aware of the need for high-reliability, high plant factos in wind power production. That is why we offer the longest term warranty in the industry. We guarantee the lowest temperature-rise and the highest performance in efficiency, which makes the difference in the life expectancy of the product as well as the increased everyday production KWHs and higher capacity and plant factors.

Based in Mexico City, Potencia Industrial offers generators manufactured with US materials and dollar-based competitive prices with close proximity to any place in the North American market.

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