Potencia Industrial Pronto Power
Automotive Electrical Conversion Kit


PRONTO POWER is a flexible electrical powertrain concept design with the purpose of giving our customer the ability to use it on any vehicle or chassis available in the market. As a company we have the capacity to design and build electrical conversion kits for any vehicle in addition tu fully integrate our products with other available in the market. .

“We made many prototypes until we came up with the perfect one.”

Carlos Gottfried, General Director of Potencial Industrial
Pronto Power


Description Very high efficiency permanent magnet brushless motor
Useful life of 30 years.
Custom design, coupled to factory transmission,
replacing ICE.
Efficiency 95%
Nominal power 15 Hp (11.2 kW) @ 3600 rpm
Peak power 33.9 Hp (25.7 kW)
Nominal and Peak torque 30 - 67.5 Nm
Vehicle weight 1100 Kg
Transmisión OEM 5 speed
Cost per km 26¢
Estimated city range 60 - 250 km


Type 18650 Li-Ion
Nominal Voltage 3.65 Vcd (76.8 - 92 Vcd)
Capacity 252 - 454 Ah
Energy 24.58 - 35.7 kWh
Estimated weight 320 kg
Cycles at 80% PDD >2000
Cycles at 70% PDD >3000
Charge time % PDD 6 - 8 h (240 Vca / 40 Aca)
BMS Cell level with temperature monitoring
Potencia Industrial Pronto Power


Typel SEVCON Gen 4 Drive;n
Nominal operation voltage 24 - 120 Vcd
Nominal operation current 500 Acd
Peak Current 1000 Acd
Efficiency 97%


Input Voltage 100-240 Vca (50 / 60 Hz)
Input current 16 Aca (> 240 Vca), 32 Aca (< 240Vac)
Power Output 3.3 kW and 6.0 kW
Efficiency >93% full load
Current output 27 Acd to 112 Vcd, 13.5 Acd to 225 Vcd
Charging control CAN bus, charging curve o PWM
  • All vehicle accessories function normally..
  • Braking: OEM braking system with vacuum pump and regenerative braking.
  • Voltage, energy, SOC and other parameter available for monitoring..
  • Vehicle energy provided thru DC-DC converter 72Vcd -> 12Vcd.
  • Pronto power is able to provide integration with several options in the market
  • The combination of all this parts gives us the opportunity to offer a fully electric powertrain capable to be installed in any vehicle.